Russian Duchess

Duchess Alexia Von Habsburg

Tenure: 1700s Present in RP standards 

Successor: unknown 

Duchess of Austria 1698 - Present 

Princess of Russia 1698 - Present

Duchess of St.Petersburg 1714 - Present 

Full Name: Alexia Natlia Von Habsburg

House: House of Habsburg and Romanov

Father: Vladimir Aleksei I

Mother: Marie Louise von Habsburg

Born: December 25th 1698

Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Died: ?

Burial: ?

Religion: Russian Orthodox 

(EARLY Life) Alexia Habsburg was born on 25th of December 1698 at the Schönbrunn Palace , in Vienna. She was the only daughter of Archduke Vladimir Aleksei I and Duchess Maria Louise von Habsburg. Her godfathers were Emperor Leopold VI and later Joseph I, Emperor's of Austria. Shortly after Alexia's birth, she was placed under the care of the Governess of the Imperial children, Countess von Anna. However seen after this Alexia's father Vladimir personally took care of her. Alexia Habsburg was raised with her cousin Prince Wilhelm von Stresse, with whom she had a lifelong close relationship with. As to her relationship with her mother, it was difficult but both the Duchess and her daughter loved each other. Her relationship with her father was unbreakable and they always kept in touch. She ran to him when she needed someone to help her out in the struggles of life and rule.

Alexia spent her formative years between the Hofburg Palace and Schönnbrunn, the imperial summer residence in Vienna. In October 1706, when she was eight, she met many composers of the arts. She took a great interest in activates like horseback riding and hunting with her father. She was encouraged by Emperor Joseph I to take part in giving out bread and food to the poor with other Austrian Princesses. Alexia enjoyed doing this as a young girl, she loved seeing the happiness and emotions when she helped out people in need.

(Education) With the private tutoring she received and teachings of her father, Alexia spent her last years of education in Public Universities. Results of her schooling were very satisfactory. At the age of ten, she could not only write correctly in German, French, English and Russia she could fluently speak all four languages, commonly used at court.

Under the teaching of composers, Alexia Habsburg developed into a good musician. She learned to play the harp, the piano and the flute. During the family's gatherings in the evenings, she would sing in all four languages , as she had a beautiful voice. She also excelled at dancing.

(Physical Regimen) At 5.2 feet, Alexia was a regular height, she was often shorter then the men of Court. She maintained her weight at approximately 50 kg (110 pounds,) for the rest of her life. She achieved this through fasting and exercise. She would also watch over the well being of her Pets. Her two German Shepard's Hans and Greta where taken for walks two times a day by the Duchess. Her pet Falcon Fritz got to spread his wings and would normally bring back a duke for the chefs to cook. She would ride her horse around the Palace grounds and at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

(Beauty) In addition to her rigorous exercise routines Duchess Alexia practiced what could be called a true beauty cult, but one that was highly ascetic, solitary, and prone to bizarre, eccentric, and almost mystic routines. Daily care of her extremely long hair, which in time turned from the blonde to platinum blonde. Her hair was so long and light. Her hairdresser, Anna Alexeyevna, was originally a stage hairdresser at the Imperial Theater in St. Petersburg. Responsible for many of Alexia's hairstyles that Alexia eventually learned to do herself. . Alexeyevna was forbidden to wear rings and required to wear white gloves; after hours of dressing, braiding, and pinning up the Duchesses tresses, the hairs that fell out had to be presented in a golden bowl to her reproachful Duchess for inspection. When her hair was washed with special "essences" once every two weeks. During the deaths of her friends and family members Alexia had Alexeyevna do the hair for the funerals.

During the long periods of having her hair done, Alexia used these periods of time during grooming to practice languages. Alexia spoke fluent German, French, English and Russian. A personal friend and rumored lover of Alexia Michael Alexander described the duchess beauty.

Russian Duke

Grand Duke Mikhail Alexander

"Alexia takes almost two hours to prepare herself everyday waking at 4:am. She would practice her languages with anyone in the room that could speak any of the four. The Duchess sat at a table which was moved to the middle of the room and covered with a white fur blanket that matched her hair color. She was shrouded in a white, her hair, unfastened and reaching to her waist, enfolded her entire body...much like the body of a love goddess of the ancient Pagan days. Her eyes a beautiful natural blue like that of a Siberian Husky in winter. Her skin either a natural pale color or a natural tan during the Summer months of the years." _ Grand Duke Mikhail Alexander

(Upbringing) Grand Duchess Alexia had a very good up bringing, but that came at a heavy price for her. On December 20th 1714 she was walking back to Schönbrunn Palace unguarded by herself. Earlier that day she had been giving food to the poor and meeting with one of her friends. Alexia was jumped by a group of around six low life drunks who assaulted her and beat her and threatened to kill her. When police patrolling heard the struggle they rushed to the scene and saved the injured, cold and naked Duchess. She was escorted back wearing a blanket and collapsed in her father's arms.

It took many months for Alexia to be stable again from the attack. She had struggles sleeping and nightmares of the attack every night, wake up freezing or in sweating. Alexia had attempted suicide twice but eventually gained back her strength. She had her own private guard constructed by her father of 12 Elite Royal Grenadier's. She took a disliking of the streets and refused to go out and give bread to the poor due to the psychological effects. She soon left to travel Europe under the carful eye of her fathers secret service.

(Travels of Europe) On June 25th 1714 Alexia left Vienna with a personal guard of 12 Royal Grenadiers and a close doctor. She was accompanied by a close friend Duchess Rosemarie Von Rotehaare. Rumors of the Courts of Europe suspected the two had a very close romantic relationship however this was never proven. The two travelled all around Europe first visiting Munich, Koln, Brandenburg, Brussels, Paris, Versailles, Northern France, Spanish countryside and Madrid.

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